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The 5K Checklist: Are You Ready to Run?

Do you think you’re ready to run? Most runners do, but especially for those who are tackling a monster 5K for the first time, you may find out that you need to get a few more things in order. Here’s the super-quick checklist from the Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation to help you get ready for our Labor Day 5K or any other 5K you might “run” into!
Pre-Race: There is so much to do before you even start running! Before the race, you need to consider where, when, and how much the race will be, if it fits into your schedule, and what type of race it is. Just choosing a race can be exhausting! Once you’ve chosen your race, you can start preparing yourself physically and mentally. Build up your strength and endurance with lots of training, and find the best ways to relax the night before the race so you get plenty of sleep. Think you’re finally ready? Finish off by making sure you have all your supplies: Clothes, food, water, headbands—anything you need. Last of all, don’t forget your registration materials! You won’t be going far if you aren’t registered.
During Race: If you’ve prepared well before the race, the event itself should be smooth sailing… or, rather, smooth running! Make sure you have your supplies ready and are familiar with the track, and consider bringing a group of people for more fun.
After Race: Wait, once the race is over, there’s still more? The good news is, after the race is a great time for fun! Make sure your racing team or group is all together, collect any prizes or awards you may have won, and celebrate! A good meal can be a perfect follow-up, or hang around the race location if there are special events offered afterwards. Once you’re all finished, look for signup information for next year’s race! You wouldn’t want to miss it.