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Getting Ready to Run: 5 Tips for Training to Run a 5K

When we’re young, we envision staying healthy and strong forever. If we don’t exercise and eat right, though, we often find ourselves out of shape before we know it.

Staying healthy takes work and dedication. That’s why so many American adults strive hard to run a 5k at least once in their life.

If you’ve never run a 5k before, then the idea can seem out of reach. Training for 5k runs isn’t as difficult as you might think, though! Read on to learn five tips that will help you get ready to become the next 5k running champion.

1. Start Running!

A 5k race sounds like a big deal — but, keep in mind that 5k races are only 3.1 miles long.

You should start your training by running (or walking) for one mile. Build up your progress each week until you can conquer three miles with relative ease.

Your goal should be to complete the race. The average 5k race finish time is about 39 minutes, so don’t feel like you need to push yourself too hard.

2. Build Up Your Strength

Training for a race isn’t only about running. You need to do strength training, too. It’s suggested that you alternate days between running and strength training. This will give you the best results.

Don’t forget to stagger the rest days, too!

3. Buy the Right Gear

Next, you need to buy the right gear to help you complete a 5k. That means getting:

  • Running clothes
  • Running shoes
  • A good water bottle
  • Sunscreen

Remember, your gear can make or break your race. Get quality gear that will help you meet your goals.

4. Study the Course

Once your body is ready to go, it’s time to study the course. You should always research the course information before signing up for a 5k.

Some 5k races are challenging and include features like:

  • Steep terrain
  • Stairs
  • Themed costumes
  • Eating challenges

The last thing you want to do is show up for a 5k that you’re not prepared for. You also don’t want to end up going off course and getting lost. Instead, be sure to get familiar with the course details before the big day.

If you’re mentally geared up, then you can focus on running your best race.

5. Fuel Up

Finally, you need to fuel up to get in gear. In the months leading up to the 5k, make sure you’re eating enough protein to build your muscles.

Your new running and strength training won’t help much if you’re not eating enough.

Are You Ready to Run a 5k? You Can Do It!

These five tips will help you prepare to run a 5k. While it can feel intimidating at first, routine training will give you the strength you need. Once you’re fueled, geared up, and informed about the course, you’ll be as ready as ever.

Are you interested in setting your next (or first!) 5k running goal? If so, then register now for the Labor Day 5k race set for this September. Apply the tips above, and you’ll be in great shape to race.

Water Preservation: How You Can Start Today!

Many people think of lakes, oceans, and other natural sources of water as simply features in the world. Like air or dirt, water just exists, right?

Not necessarily. Due to changes in weather patterns, construction and changes brought about by an increased human population, and a heft amount of pollution, many of our natural water sources are in danger of drying up, becoming contaminated, or simply being undesirable. What can you do to help? Check out the top ways you can help preserve our watersheds.

Clean Up!

Your garbage may smell awful, but imagine the effect of thousands of pounds of waste being deposited into water sources! You may not realize it, but the simple act of tossing a soda bottle, sandwich wrapper, or grocery store bag out the window can muck up the water supply. Most litter doesn’t stay where it drops, it rolls, blows, and floats its way right into our water sources. Keep it clean by always placing your garbage into a proper receptacle, and if you see a mess, do everyone a favor and clean it up properly.


This may seem like a big step, but it doesn’t have to be. Look up the local laws and regulations and see if they match best practices to preserve natural water sources. If your area isn’t up to par, lobby on your own by writing a letter or email to your representative.

Waste Not, Want Not

Even if your water doesn’t come from a nearby lake or river, all water comes from somewhere, and wasting it can deplete the natural water sources. While most water waste is industrial, you can take simple steps to save water everyday. Something as simple as skipping your regular lawn watering when it rains can save gallons of water each year!


Want to go even further? Participate in charitable events, donate money to your favorite charity, or get involved as a volunteer and donate time! Organizations such as the Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation are committed to preserving the naturally beautiful lakes and water supplies in New Jersey, and you can help by donating, registering for the Labor Day 5K, or sponsoring the event!

Why Charitable Donations and Involvement are Good for You

In a perfect would, there would be enough of everything for everyone to prosper. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world—but don’t let that stop you! Charitable involvement is a powerful act, and has benefits for the charity, the sponsors, and the community at large

For the Charity

Many charities, nonprofit organizations, and community organizations operate on a low or nonexistent budget. For organizations that have no way of generating income, charitable donations are often their main source of funding, in addition to state, federal, or private grants. When you sponsor or donate to these organizations, you are keeping them alive.

For the Individual Donor

When you donate to a community charity, you are getting involved in your community. This could benefit the environment, the children, or could go toward a specific cause, but whatever it is, you are giving back. What do you get in return? While some organizations provide awards, recognitions, or thank-you gifts to donors, the best thing you get is a sense of community and goodwill. This can actually improve your mental and physical health and even add years to your life!

For the Corporate Sponsor

As if the benefits to individuals aren’t enough, corporate sponsors gain something else when they support charitable organizations: Exposure. Think of how much your company spends on marketing, and then imagine if this money was spent instead on supporting or sponsoring a great cause! Thousands of people can see your brand and your message, but every penny spent will also improve the community. In addition, you have the opportunity to build powerful networking relationships.

For the Community

When one benefits, we all benefit. Those who are unable to donate or sponsor events can participate by volunteering, but many people will simply enjoy the wonderful events that have been made possible by charitable organizations. Make your community a place you want to live by participating today!

The 5K Checklist: Are You Ready to Run?

Do you think you’re ready to run? Most runners do, but especially for those who are tackling a monster 5K for the first time, you may find out that you need to get a few more things in order. Here’s the super-quick checklist from the Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation to help you get ready for our Labor Day 5K or any other 5K you might “run” into!
Pre-Race: There is so much to do before you even start running! Before the race, you need to consider where, when, and how much the race will be, if it fits into your schedule, and what type of race it is. Just choosing a race can be exhausting! Once you’ve chosen your race, you can start preparing yourself physically and mentally. Build up your strength and endurance with lots of training, and find the best ways to relax the night before the race so you get plenty of sleep. Think you’re finally ready? Finish off by making sure you have all your supplies: Clothes, food, water, headbands—anything you need. Last of all, don’t forget your registration materials! You won’t be going far if you aren’t registered.
During Race: If you’ve prepared well before the race, the event itself should be smooth sailing… or, rather, smooth running! Make sure you have your supplies ready and are familiar with the track, and consider bringing a group of people for more fun.
After Race: Wait, once the race is over, there’s still more? The good news is, after the race is a great time for fun! Make sure your racing team or group is all together, collect any prizes or awards you may have won, and celebrate! A good meal can be a perfect follow-up, or hang around the race location if there are special events offered afterwards. Once you’re all finished, look for signup information for next year’s race! You wouldn’t want to miss it.