Many people think of lakes, oceans, and other natural water sources as features in the world. Like air or dirt, water exists, right?


Not necessarily. Due to changes in weather patterns, construction, and changes brought about by an increased human population and a vast amount of pollution, many of our natural water sources are in danger of drying up, becoming contaminated, or simply being undesirable. What can you do to help?


Check out the top ways you can help preserve our watersheds.


Clean Up!

Your garbage may smell awful, but imagine the effect of thousands of pounds of waste being deposited into water sources! You may not realize it, but the simple act of tossing a soda bottle, sandwich wrapper, or grocery store bag out the window can muck up the water supply.

Most litter doesn’t stay where it drops; it rolls, blows, and floats right into our water sources. Keep it clean by consistently placing your garbage into a proper receptacle, and if you see a mess, do everyone a favor and clean it up properly.


Lobbying your representatives may seem like a big step, but it doesn’t have to be. Look up the local laws and regulations and see if they match best practices for preserving natural water sources.

If your area isn’t up to par, lobby by writing a letter or email to your representative.

Waste Not, Want Not

Even if your water doesn’t come from a nearby lake or river, all water comes from somewhere, and wasting it can deplete natural water sources.

While most water waste is industrial, you can take simple steps to save water every day. Something as simple as skipping your regular lawn watering when it rains can save gallons of water each year!


Want to go even further? Participate in charitable events, donate money to your favorite charity, or get involved as a volunteer and donate time!

Organizations such as the Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation are committed to preserving the naturally beautiful lakes and water supplies in New Jersey, and you can help by donating, registering for the Labor Day 5K, or sponsoring the event!